Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ps. Phil Pringle Live Painting Stop Action Video

Photos for this stop action film were taken by Justin Culbertson.

Very simple technique: Set up camera on tripod. Set your Aperture and Shutter Speed and lock it so every photo is consistent.

These photos were taken manually aproximately 10 seconds apart as the painting was being done. Altogether there were about 127 pictures.

I simply used Windows Movie Maker and input each of the photos and made each photo only play for .07 seconds. I then added music and title screens. It is a very simple concept but a lot of fun.

Now, go out and try it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ps. Phil Pringle Live Painting

What a night last night was! Celebrating the 10 year anniversary at C3 Greensboro is great by itself, but to have Pastor Phil Pringle with us made it all the more special. Here are some photo captures of the live painting by Ps. Phil Pringle, 11/14/09.

Lighting was a challenge, but you will at least get the idea. Pictures simply cannot capture the amazing display of artistic talent elegently combined with Spiritual annointing. Enjoy!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Amateur or Professional

So I was reading through some other helpful tips articles the other day and was struck with a cold realization. I realized that I was judging the quality of another persons work based on what I thought their experience level was. When I was reviewing a professional's tips section I had much higher expectations that their pictures would be better and that their tips would be better. Likewise when I was viewing an up and coming photographer's site (notice I didn't say Amateur), I had more realistic expectations.

So today I thought I would try to clarify my experience level. I have been paid for some of the photographs before, however I am far from what I would consider a professional photographer. With that said, I consider myself to have a good eye and a solid understanding of the concepts of art and photography, so I would not call myself an amateur either.

I guess I would call myself an up and coming artist working on a budget! I do not own the latest and greatest camera, lenses or flashes. I do not have extensive knowledge on how to manipulate all of my photographs using Photoshop techniques. I do not make my living simply from taking pictures!

I do however have a deep and sincere love for photography and a solid appreciation of art. I am more of a minimalist and like to challenge myself to get the best picture without the use of software to alter the true shot (as much as possible.) I love to figure out unique ways to make my pictures POP without excess expensive gear. I love light, and love to capture moments in time one photo at a time!

So with all that said, that is where my perspective comes from. My desire is to make new concepts and ideas with photography familiar, and to take familiar techniques and concepts and try to make them new again! I am always open for other suggestions, so please join my blog and leave plenty of comments so I can learn from you as well!

Blessings to all, and happy photos!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Photo of the Day

Wow it's amazing how fast a week can fly by! Sorry I have not updated the site this week, but here is Friday's picture of the day! This photo was taken in Charleston SC. It is a picture of the "Angel Oak Tree." The picture really does not do it justice as this tree is huge! If you ever get a chance to go, definitely do.

Have an amazing and blessed weekend!

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