Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Digital

I struggled for a very long time switching from traditional film to digital, however I have noticed that this is becoming less and less of a choice. These days if somebody wants to use traditional film, they almost have to search for suppliers. But the question still remains, why go digital?

For me, the biggest answer is simply because I can!

Just a few years ago, film maintained a much larger share of the market simply because the image quality was so much better. As technology has moved forward though, so has the acceptance of the digital proficiency and quality.

While nothing can every truly take the place of working in a dark room, digital photography has opened a whole new door to art. More people can enjoy the art without the risk of losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in poor quality pictures produced on film. If a digital picture is sub-par, all the user has to do is click one button and KABLAMMO it is gone, and no money was lot on that picture. Candid shots can be taken with the camera help in front of the chest in a very inconspicuous location to capture natural movement and reaction rather than traditional posed and canned smiles. The photographer can afford to take 1000 pictures in hopes of attaining one keeper rather than throwing roll after roll away.

Because of this one added benefit, a true artist can now experiment with new techniques and practice with hundreds of thousands of pictures. The truly creative person that grabs hold of this one principle will find that their creativity can be completely unlocked.

I am not saying that film no longer has a role, just that digital is the dawn of the next generation of truly talented artists.

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